Stichting Biobank Oost Nederland

Working towards health monitoring for everyone

STIBION aims to build a collection of longitudinal urine and blood sample series from healthy people in the age of 45 to 75 years. These samples are collected in combination with participant’s health data generated from questionnaires and disease diagnoses. The reason for starting the biobank is a study into the potential of biomarkers in urine and blood for health monitoring by biotech company You2Yourself BV (Y2Y). A collection of such samples is not yet available worldwide.

STIBION is a non-profit foundation. Organizations wishing to use samples from the biobank can contact STIBION via the contact page.

For general information about your rights when processing your personal data, please consult the privacy statement and disclaimer at the bottom of this website. You can also consult the website of the Personal Data Authority.

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